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Children and Bibles
September 7, 2008, 11:27 pm
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I read a recent Blog on about Should kids bring their Bible’s to church. it prompted me to think about why we get our children to bring their bibles to church and whether what we are doing in encouraging them to learn more about who Christ is through the use of their Bible or if we are encouraging them to “Act as Christan’s” by bringing their bible.


It is amazing what Children really think about the Bible.  They know that it is full of stories about people like Noah, Daniel etc but our children found it hard to think that the Bible was their Guide in a recent series we did.


We had the children do an activity where they wrote emails to God and one of the girls age 7 really hit me and made an impact here is what she wrote…


Dear God

I hope you are having a good time in heaven. 
Please help me to believe in you.  I have got a new bible and I like it so much. Can you help me understand the Bible.

I really want to learn about you…


See children are trying to get closer to God just like we do.  Makes you have to see whether we are aiding in this happening or hindering them finding God for themselves through the programmes we are running.

See children what to hear from God in many ways through his word, through his voice, through what others share with them about him.

Here is what one of our other children age 8 said…


Dear God

Thank you for being faithful to me. 

Can you communicate more.

Thank you

I think some times we miss what children are getting they understand that God is faithful to them.  Do we???

Are we teaching them to communicate with God and seek him for themselves?

What ways are you achieving this? Or are you just having fun?

Tell me what you think


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